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Volume 4, Number 7

Business Services
General News
Todays News

Parsons Leadership Program receives $200,000 grant
Joplin Business Journal
PARSONS, Kan. —  The Parsons Chamber of Commerce was awarded a $200,000 grant recentlyfrom the Kansas Health Foundation to establish two endowed funds at the Parsons Area Community Foundation to benefit the Leadership Parsons Program.  


Metal Roofing Specialists: Bigger is not always better
Robert L. Roach, Journal Senior Staff Reporter
FREDONIA, Kan. — Metal Roofing Specialists specializes in installing standing seam metal roofing, mostly for commercial and institutional projects. Projects include roofs for schools, churches, and state, county and city facilities.


Pitt State set spring enrollment record, sees more full-time students
Joplin Business Journal
PITTSBURG, Kan. — The Kansas Board of Regents announced Feb. 19 strong and steady enrollment numbers at Pittsburg State University, resulting once again in a record-setting spring semester headcount.


NEO pedals towards a greener campus
Joplin Business Journal
MIAMI, Okla. — Vehicles on the world's roadways release about two-million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere on an average day.

Health Care
Featured Article

Regional medical clinics
Robert L. Roach, Journal Senior Staff Reporter
TRI-STATE REGION — Hospitals often steal the headlines, but everyday battles for good health are also fought at local medical clinics. Three clinics share how recent trends in the economy and medicine are affecting them.

 There are similarities in the issues faced by these clinics. Their responses are different, perhaps because of their individual structure, funding and focus.

People in the News

Brenda Robinson, M.D.
Brenda Robinson, M.D., has joined Freeman Health System as part of the Freeman Hospital West Emergency Room team. 

Jeffrey Carrier
Jeffrey Carrier, Freeman Health System vice president of operations/clinical, has been selected for a two-year appointment to the Missouri Organization of Nurse Leaders Board, representing 25 counties in Southwest Missouri.

Joseph Spennetta. M.D.
Joseph Spennetta, M.D., has joined Freeman Health System as part of the Freeman Hospital West Emergency Room team.

Richard Reno, M.D.
Richard C. Reno, M.D., has joined the medical staff of Freeman Health System.

PROFILE: Jonathan Davis, Mount Carmel Regional Medical Center
PITTSBURG, Kan. — When Jonathan Davis came to work the first day as the new chief executive officer for Mount Carmel Regional Medical Center, he brought with him his experience as a care giver, and his passion for providing quality service to the patients and community.

People in the News

Aaron Millsap
The BKD, LLP Joplin office has announced the promotion of Aaron Millsap to senior accountant.

Kathy Shaul
The BKD, LLP Joplin office announced the promotion of Kathy Shaul to senior outsourcing consultant. Shaul provides accounting outsourcing services to clients in a variety of industries.

General News
Alpine Wood Products expanding
Joplin Business Journal
MARIONVILLE, Mo. — Now in its 27th year, a Marionville woodworking business, Alpine Wood Products Co. Inc., is expanding its showroom space that is taking the shape of a French countryside castle.

Todays News

Aero Space Manufacturing, a CT Systems company
FREDONIA, Kan. — Not many would consider Fredonia to be among the major players in the aerospace industry, but then not every community gives away its secrets either. Aero Space Manufacturing, a CT Systems company, is a business specializing in aerospace parts made of aluminum, steel and titanium in plate, bar and extrusions that produces a significant revenue stream for itself and the community.

EP supplies Li-ion battery to NSS-9 satellite
Joplin Business Journal
JOPLIN, Mo. — EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, an EaglePicher company and leading producer of batteries and energetic devices for the defense, space and commercial industries, announced Feb. 16 that it supplied two, nine-cell Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to Orbital Science Corporation in support of SES NEW SKIES NSS-9 telecommunications satellite.

EP: new micro-battery; product supplier to mPhase
Joplin Business Journal
JOPLIN, Mo. — EaglePicher Medical Power, LLC, a leading supplier of batteries for implantable medical devices, announced Feb. 10 the launch of two new, mini, lithium-ion batteries developed to meet a growing demand for smaller, longer lasting, implantable medical devices.

People in the News

Lisa Paterni
Pitsco Chief Executive Officer Dr. Harvey Dean announced Feb. 10 that Lisa Paterni would  become the new President of Pitsco Education.

Stephan Turnipseed
Pitsco Chief Executive Officer Dr. Harvey Dean announced Feb. 10 that Stephan Turnipseed will assume the reins of President of LEGO® Education.

Media and Marketing
General News

USA county map identifies green consumers
Robert L. Roach, Journal Senior Staff Reporter
A new Green Consumer Index was designed by Ruf Strategic Solutions, a marketing research company, based on their national study. The GCI ranks consumers by their green attitudes and behaviors. It measures their relative environmental concern and current practices of "sustainable consumerism."

Real Estate

Crowder votes to sell Downtown Center
Joplin Business Journal
NEOSHO, Mo. — During a Feb. 11 special meeting, the Crowder College Board of Trustees agreed to sell the Downtown Center, located at 209 N. Valley St. here, to the Talkington Foundation.

Todays News

Brigitte Hoag Photography: Lifelong passion becomes a career
By Austin Mayfield, Joplin Business Journal Intern
Located on the Southwest side of Fredonia Square, the tangible Brigitte Hoag Photography studio was born out of a love for the art and a demand for the product. A nursing major in college, Hoag decided to pursue what had been her passion since childhood.

Small Business

Wildwood Ranch Development Inc. honored
Joplin Business Journal
JOPLIN, Mo. — The MSSU Small Business and Technology Development Center held an award ceremony Feb. 6 in Cornell Auditorium of The Robert W. Plaster School of Business Administration to honor Wildwood Ranch Development Inc.

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