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Matt Proctor, Ozark Christian College
John Derrick, Journal Guest Writer

A presidential inauguration for Matt Proctor, the fifth president of Ozark Christian College, Joplin, was conducted Aug. 21 during the opening week convocation and reception at the college chapel.


The City of Joplin and the State of Missouri each presented a proclamation in Proctor’s honor during the reception.


Proctor, faculty for the past nine years and a ’93 graduate of Ozark, was appointed president in July 2006,  the first OCC graduate to serve in the college’s presidential role.  Proctor has the potential to serve as a third consecutive 25-plus year president, with the last two presidents each serving 27 years.


OCC, formerly known as Ozark Bible College, has been serving Joplin for 64 years.


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