A year ago, Doctor Who fans with VR headsets got to go with The Doctor in augmented reality. Specialist Who: The Edge of have a  see things like the VR.

Engineer Maze Theory is following up the game with Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality. Instead of augmented who passed up, the related knowledge will get this coming out.

Labyrinth Theory at first reported Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality back in May, and now the game has a delivery window. It’s set during the Spring of 2021, and will the PS4, Xbox One, Switch Steam. While the game is a side project of The Edge of Time, Edge of Reality will give new interactivity and regions to investigate.

Doctor Who The Edge of Reality new trailer

For long-lasting aficionados of  Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is the expansion of the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant. Tennant hasn’t been an aspect of the. The Day of the Doctor circulated into the part in radio plays from and will repeat the function here.

Fanatics of Doctor Who will albeit disillusioned at the  VR this time around. Obviously, Maze Theory  VR may on maybe  PS VR. For the time should stand by to the Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality.

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Not long ago, Maze Theory had prodded at a Doctor Who game underway for Nintendo Switch. Indeed, we at long last have ours at what experiences are available for fanatics.

Labyrinth Theory, BBC Studios, and Just Add Water have reported Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, a first-individual experience which goes about as a replacement to the VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. The game will hit Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One in Spring 2021.

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