HUAWEI AI Speaker 2 Nebula White on sale,5 hours of playback, All featured with smart specs

The HUAWEI AI Speaker 2 is in the market to purchase with the latest version, the Nebula White. Eventually, HUAWEI announced for the brand new HUAWEI AI speaker 2 in addition to many other products during the HUAWEI nova 7 series launch in April. Interestingly, the newest speaker was presented in two color variants including space black and Nebula White. Now It is all set to go on sale in November.

The HUAWEI AI Speaker 2 on Sale

After 6 months of the announcement, HUAWEI AI speaker 2 is finally going to hit stores for the first time on November 1st. Although, the company was selling the space Black colored HUAWEI AI Speaker 2 started from May. But now 6 months after Nebula White color version of the speaker is going to be available in the market from 1st November. Till then, the pre-orders are available for the brand new version of the HUAWEI AI speaker2. The battery-free model has a net price of 299 yuan while the battery version of the speaker costs 399 yuan.

Nebula White with smart specs

The White Nebula variant of the HUAWEI AI speaker 2 features all the Huawei Sound technology. The brand new model has several smart features that make it amazing among the other. Accordingly, it is considered as the Huawei’s first smart speaker designed with a built-in battery. Have a look at the specs we have listed out below:

  • Features a 10W speaker having two bass units that make it a 1.2 speaker system.
  • The speaker also supports the 5.1 channels.
  • The battery model variant is made to deliver 5 hours of playback at default volume.
  • Features one-touch voice transmission.
  • Offers 4 capacitive touch keys for volume up / down, mute, and multi-function.
  • Uses 2.4GHz WiFi in addition to the Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC for connectivity.
  • Has four microphones to capture voices clearly.
  • An LED ring at the top of the speaker.
  • Equipped with high-magnetic neodymium-iron-boron to provide a powerful sound as compared to the ordinary ferrite materials of other speakers.
  • Features a 3900mAh lithium battery with a mobile speaker position.
  • Have the dimensions of 156mm x 110mm in size
  • Weighing 580g for the non-battery version While the built-in battery variant weighs 650g.

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HUAWEI AI Speaker updates

The Huawei AI speaker 2 is powered by the Xiaoyi which is the virtual assistant of the company itself. It was introduced in the global market along with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Recently it has launched one Xiaomi XiaoAI speaker Item no that we called Mi Smart Speaker in India. However, the company is not allowed to work with American companies due to its ban in the US.

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