Xiaomi launched 8H Air Pro Natural Latex Massage Pillow, Specs And Features

Xiaomi is one the most growing brand around the globe. As the company provides amazing features and specifications in its devices. Also the gadgets are of mid range generally which attract number of consumers. The company also has various eco chains which are also dealing in commendable gadgets. One of its eco chain company which is Fun Sleep has launched an amazing massage pillow. This is the 8H Air Pro Natural Latex Massage Pillow. This is bene beneficial for those who have sleeping problems. They could now be able to a relax and peaceful sleep using this gadget. This device has amazing specifications and features which will help the consumers in various pillow. We have seen that the company already has a 8H Z3 latex pillow which is loved by the users. Thus this new device will also be loved by them. Let’s have glimpse of this massage pillow.

8H Air Pro Natural Latex Massage Pillow Price

The device has two versions one of them is lite version and other one is the standard version.

  • The lite version of the massage pillow is 10 cm high and it costs for 179 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $27
  • The standard version of the massage pillow costs for Yuan 229 which is roughly estimated as $35. It is 12 cm high which slightly higher than the lite version.

8H Air Pro Natural Latex Massage Pillow Specs And Features

 This is the successor of 8H Z3. This has some more features which will give tremendous benefits to the users. Some of them are described below:-

  • This helps in getting rid of the pillow height, adaptation problems.
  • It also helps in getting of the sultry sweat accumulation
  • This gives you the comfortable and even breathable sleep
  • It has a hyperbolic design
  • This helps you in keeping the spinal cord in proper shape and helps you to get rid of back problems
  • It has 93% thai latex and is also a jelly pillow that is elastic
  • It has cool max technology fiber
  • The outer fabric is soft and moisture wicking which gives a dry sleep to the person.
  • It has thousands of honeycomb pores inside the latex.

It is not expected when this device will be available to the users in the market.

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