Netgain, IT service provider and Web Hosting Internet Giant forced to take its data servers offline due to a heavy ransomware attack

Due to a heavy ransomware attack which took place during the of November for the infamous web hosting and IT service provider Netgain, it has been forced to take its data servers offline and has been shut down ever since. This technological company offers hosting and cloud IT solutions to various organizations working in the healthcare, educational and accounting industries, coming to the possible conclusion that this connection may be the reason why it was targeted by the cybercriminals in the first place. Netgian had first sent out a string of emails to its many global customers, giving them the heads-up that the software had fallen due to the immense ransomware attack on November 24. Later, during the beginning of December, customers had then started to receive emails from the tech company, informing them that they may have to go through multiple “system outages or slowdowns” as it had been hit with a cyberattack on the hosting software’s material, as confirmed by BleepingComputer.

Netgain Had Issued Emails To Consumers Confirming The Overall Shut Down Of Multiple Centres

Netgain had sent a second wave of emails to its customers, but this time it was to let them know that they had decided to shut down every single one of their data containing centres as they are trying to contain and stop the ransomware attack. They stated that in response to the recent cybersecurity incident, they will be taking various protective measures to isolate and reduce the spread of the attack which includes taking down a majority of their data servers, offline for good. This has clearly impacted the progress of their technology and ruined the progress of their customer’s businesses. Nevertheless, the company’s best techno freaks are working on eliminating this and any further threats and are trying their level best to restore their services, Netgain has included as the contents of their mass email to their customers.

Countless Servers Effected; Big Blow To Netgain

Not being offered by Netgain in itself, the most recent news regarding the ransomware attack the firm suffered, has confirmed to have emerged from one of its own customers which provides official management software tactics and solutions for eye scientists, vision therapy professionals and optometrists. In a single email to one of its very own customers, Crystal Practice Management (CPM) elaborated that it had known about the intense suffering Netgain had to endure to the recent ransomware attack and that almost thousands of its servers were critically affected by the attack. Netgain is still working on getting its servers back online but has no proper ETA on when they will be able to operate without any casualties. Once Netgain has started its servers they will let the public know, but as of now, it is unclear about the type of ransomware that has been used and no cybercriminal has come forth claiming the consequences of their actions so far.

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