Prodigal Son Season 2, will hit the screens in January next year Release date, Cast and Plot

Prodigal Son didn’t end with one season. New Year starts with yet another season of the series. Read further to know about the plot and characters

Prodigal Son, a famous TV series is based on the crime genre and is running under the label of Fox Broadcasting Company. The crime series premiered on 23rd September in the year 2019. The first season has 20 episodes each, of 40 or 45 minutes duration.

Prodigal Son Season 2

The Prodigal Son Release Date

Prodigal Son didn’t die at the end of season one, because of the love and acceptance it received from viewers. Now the series will be aired with season 2 on January 12 of next year. The US-based series is created by Sam Sklaver and Chris Fedak.

Prodigal Son Season 2 cast and CHARACTERS

  • Malcolm Bright, played by Tom Payne
  • Ainsley Whitley played by Halston Sage
  • JT Tarmel played by Frank Harts
  • David by Esau Pritchett
  • Nicholas Endicott by Dermot Mulroney
  • David by Esau Pritchett

Prodigal Son Season 2 About the Series

Malcolm Bright had one serial killer as his own father, so he knew criminal psychology well. His father had been the worst kind of a human being and was known by the name, “The Surgeon”. When this hateful man was so close to Malcolm he learned a lot about this mindset.

He uses this ability to solve cases easily and catch criminals. His family is filled with psychopaths, for example, his mother is a manipulative woman, who spits sarcasm with every breath she takes, and of course a serial killer dad. Within this humdrum Ainsley Whitley is the only normal person, who cares for her brother and wants him to have a proper normal life, that has nothing to do with criminals or murder cases. Because Malcolm suffers from a medical condition that has made his life hard.

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About Prodigal Son Season 2 Plot

This may, the makers made an announcement about season 2 and it will hit the screens in January next year. So the fans can start their year with a totally new season.

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