Gentefied Season 2 Of Release Date Reportedly Hard To Determine As The Virus Continues Its Ruthless Infections; Cast and Plot

Written by the two first-generation Chicano writers Linda Yvette and Marvin Lemus, “Gentefied” truly is unlike any other show on Netflix, as it is about a Mexican-American family who resides in L.A. This dramedy show, being executively produced by America Ferrera, has a sister with a similar background, which is “Vida” by Stars, a dream created by the Mexican-American Tanya Saracho and revolves around two estranged sisters who were given the responsibility to take over their mother’s bar in Boyle Heights. These series are actual letters that show love to the Latina communities and are overwhelmed with raw cultural significance. The first season of “Gentefied” was premiered on Netflix in February 2020 and was confirmed to have been renewed for a second season by May 2020.

Gentefied Season 2

Gentefied Season 2 Release Date Currently Unknown, According To Netflix

Creators of the second season of “Gentefied” stated that this season will have 8 episodes and is guaranteed to make the viewers shed some happy and sad tears. Season 2 will happen, as it was renewed during the May of 2020, which is three months after the show’s original premiere. Generally, shows on Netflix will get a new season every year. But due to the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic affecting the production and filming of various other movies and television series, it is impossible to decide on when the second season is yet to come out.

Gentefied Season 2 Cast Will Most Likely Contain Old Faces

With the Morales cousins spending their time at their family eatery Mama Fina’s we really could be eager for the cast of season 2 as the customers will be hungry for Carlos’ blooming taco business. The cast was raising awareness for ProyectoPastoral, a non-for-profit in Boyle Heights which has focused its aim to showcase the brutality of the virus and how it affects the income of the families situated in Boyle Heights. Here’s the confirmed cast so far:

  • Carlos Santos as Chris Morales
  • Karrie Martin as Ana Morales
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Erik Morales
  • Joaquin Cosio as Casimiro Morales
  • Laura Patalano as Beatriz Morales
  • Annie Gonzalez as Lidia Solis
  • Julissa Calderon as Yessika Castillo
  • Felipe Esparza as Crazy Dave
  • Brenda Banda as Norma
  • Rafael Sigler as Pancho
  • Brittany Ashley as Isis
  • Greg Ellis as Chef Austin
  • Alejandro Patino as Chuey

Gentefied Season 2

Gentefied Season 2 Plot Is Confirmed By Chavez and Lemuz To Be A Tearjerker

Last season’s finale hinted at the cousin’s parents about to enter the film for good as they didn’t have much screen time overall. During the end of the last episode, Chris’s dad had agreed to pay for his son’s culinary school fees. Sources claim that Erik’s father will enter the picture too, as he had never shown himself in the first season of “Gentefied”. Taking into consideration Erik becoming a father himself, details were given in Lemuz and Chavez’s interview on the Spanish Aqui Presents podcast. Being filled with a lot of cliff-hangers, it is best to watch the show and clear all the viewers existing doubts.

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