This year will throw a tough competition for Tesla. To learn more, keep reading. Tesla Inc. is a vehicle manufacturer and distributor. It is a company based in California, US of America. Products of Tesla include solar roof tiles, solar panels, electric vehicles and other products. The company was given its name after a great scientist of all times Nikola Tesla. The vehicle company is owned by Elon Musk and aims at providing sustainable transportation facilities.

As per recent reports, Tesla is going to begin delivering it’s new car to Chinese citizens this month. So the new year has started off well for people who had lined up to buy the car. Model Y SUV is a vehicle made in China. Its price is however the key point that is attracting attention and making it to the top of the headlines. This step was taken to beat the competition. The company CEO has shown great confidence regarding this car model Y. As per Musk, this car can make it to the larger number of garages. It will make sales, which were been never made.


  • Model Y: its starting price is around 52,000 USD

Tesla is a vehicle brand that has maximum sales in USA and China. It is assumed that the sales of the company will go up as Tesla Model Y will start to sell. This will definitely help the company to expand and make profit. It has a driving range of 369 miles, also many other features and specifications that can gain potential customers.

Tesla’s Competition

Tesla is facing competition from local car companies this year like Li Auto Inc. and Xpeng Inc. To survive at the top it has to cut prices and make more advances at lower rates. Chinese markets will not be biased only because Tesla has been topping the list for quite a while. At the end of the day, it is the customer who has to make a choice and decide his pick. Model Y SUV will either help Tesla to retain its position or the company will have to try harder.

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