Amazons Lord of the Ring TV series will show middle earth in a new way on the digital screen. Specifically, it will portray many of the races of Middle Earth in a new and active role. This is due to the fact that the series is focusing on a different era. Specifically, the age that predates the film’s most popular books in the world. The series will be focusing on the second age, a time when men are gaining strength but the elves and dwarves still remain strong. Additionally, rumors have begun to circulate on the Internet concerning possible films.

Amazon Lord of the ring’s TV series

While the upcoming Lord of the Rings Amazon TV series has generated a lot of interest that has recently grown. This is due to the fact that the exact era the series will be set and has been confirmed. Specifically, the events that will be portrayed in the series will be set in the second age.

Of all of Tolkien’s works, this is the age he talked about the least when compared to his other stories. However, it is also the one most closely connected to the events of the Lord of the rings and the hobbit. Specifically, it was during this age that the rings of power were forged and Sauron try to conquer the earth.

there will be many differences in the series from the movies and books. The most notable is the fact that a large chunk of it will most likely focus on the elves. They were still a great force to be reckoned with during the second age is still numerous. Specifically, the TV series will show them taking a more active role.

In other words, they should appear in every single episode and in the majority of battles that will be fought. Obviously, a major difference between the film trilogies and the books with the majority of the elves avoided combat.

possible films

Lord of the Ring TV series

Even while the Amazon Lord of the rings E-series is being worked on rumors of new films have also emerged. What makes this film so interesting is that they’re talking about the primary villain being the first dark lord. specifically, they are talking about Morgoth, Sauron’s master.

To put in perspective for those who are unaware Sauron is but a pale shadow of the evil that was Morgoth. Fans of long thought that the Silmarillion would be an excellent focus for various films but nothing has been confirmed. To be fair nothing has been confirmed only rumors at this point are circulating on the Internet.

It is important to point out that Warner Bros. holds the rights for any film based on Tolkien’s works. This means that they could still make films even when Amazon is producing the Lord of the ring’s TV series.

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