The medium creators have updated the minimum requirements for PC gameplay

The medium creators have updated the minimum requirements for PC gameplay. In other words, the team at Bloober and finally show what the ideal PC equipment are. the medium based on the trailers and sample gameplay is a high-quality game. It processes incredible storytelling from the supernatural horror genre. Go along with that it also includes incredible sounds and graphics. Fans of the ring or similar series will love it. Naturally, it would be completely reasonable to take only high-end top-of-the-line quality equipment can handle the game. Given the fact that the game is also releasing him was version of Xbox would seem to confirm that. However, based on the most recent information available that’s not entirely true.


The medium


The medium is an upcoming fantasy horror videogame of truly fascinating quality. The game follows the terrifying adventure of Marianne a medium who lives in two worlds at once. Our physical world and also on the spiritual plan. As so she is able to communicate spirits that dwell on that plane and interact with physical. based on the trailers that have been released her goal is to unravel the mystery behind a terrible entity. A things so dark and horrific that it scares even Anne-Marie who has seen things that make grown men break. fans will soon be able to find the answers to these questions as the game will be releasing shortly. Specifically, it is slated to release the fourth week of January 2021.


The medium PC requirements

The medium in order to function on a PC at its fullest potential does require the latest technology. Specifically, and Intel core I seven – 9700 processor or equivalent in addition to the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics chip. to be fair and equivalent graphics card for a different company also work. that being said, older variations of the technology up to a point will also work. The game will simply have to be set to lower audio and visual quality settings. The game at minimal settings will work with the Intel core I five – 6600 with the GTX 1650 super. Though this is not recommended by the developers it means that more players will be able to access the medium.

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