While Afterlife may be a bit more than a wait away, the Ghostbusters train may not be all stops at the moment. We’ve just been hit with an update that may help tide you over until the movie’s release: and you can get it at your local grocery store. Hostess once again will have a new sort of Twinkie to help celebrate the upcoming movie. The new flavor, if you can call it that, is called “Munch Madness.” It seems to be named after the new monster we got a look at this week. This time around, the twinkies will have a blue flavoring that is fruit flavored.

The ones with the green filling made back in 2016 were good, so how will these be? Below we have an image of what the box art is going to look like.

You could say that Ghostbusters fans are a little “Starved for content.”

Sorry, that wasn’t a good pun. But I went for it anyway. Here’s a quote from the Twinkies package itself.

“Hostess Ghostbusters Twinkies need no introduction. Live Your Mostess with one sweet bite at a time of creamy, cakey, golden goodness. These treats aren’t just for dessert. They’re perfect for picking up on your way out the door or grabbing one to enjoy a quiet moment. Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience.”

Busters has had a long time association with tie-ins. They’ve collabed with other products, movies, and more over the years. Here’s to hoping that when this product does release, it’ll actually be available. When they released their last collab, it resulted in tons of consumers but none of the sales.

The new Ghostbusers: Afterlife movie stars Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Akroyd, and Annie Potts. 

While the movie may be coming out in November, expect those Twinkies much sooner.


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