Apple TV show servant most recent episode has aired and added more mystery series. The wildly popular series has been a tremendous success for Apple TV. The psychological horror of the series has reached new levels with season two.  this series which focuses on a family recovering from a terrible tragedy has darker twists and turns. the newest episode for season two continues this flawlessly. Specifically, showing the continued fall into delusion by some of the characters. While at the same time, mysterious occurrences take place that cannot be easily explained. There been so many twists and turns difficult to say what is real and what is the notion at certain points.


Apple TV show servant Premise

Apple TV show servant in the first season began with the hiring of a live-in nanny by a couple. What made the series so dark was the fact that the baby the nanny was taken care of was a dull. The couple’s original child had died sometime earlier throwing a wife into a catatonic state. From which she only recovered through the substitution of a reborn doll. this doll took the place of the deceased child and allowed the woman to start acting normally. Or as least as normal as one could be under the circumstances. However, as the series progresses flashes of unusual events begin to take place. Such as, discrepancies in the nanny story and potential outside forces. The most disturbing of all though is that there are times individuals who know the truth find the doll replaced. Specifically, occasionally they find or appear to find a real baby where the doll should be. There are so many of these instances throughout the series it really causes the characters to question their sanity. And occasionally the audience might share in that state of mind after watching episodes of servant.

Apple TV show servant reaction

Apple TV show servant was a huge success even before the first episode started airing on the net. Specifically, the second season was already scheduled for renewal before the first season even began. A trend that has followed with the second as the third has now been scheduled. Fans of the psychological horror genre for television cannot get enough of the bone chilling mystery of the series. Such series have to walk a very fine line in order to maintain the illusion of reality for the characters. That is to say, they have to maintain the illusion of reality the characters all in the interest of the audience. In that regard Apple TV show servant season one and the beginning of season two succeed. Such as in the most recent episode where one of the characters lost is memory for days. Or at least appear to and needed hypnosis to fully regain. It is this level of psychological distress combined with the horror aspects of the series that appealed to many fans. Of course, the series is not to everyone’s liking, as it deals with very traumatic events.


Apple TV show servant season three has continued the series unpredictable and dark story. As a result, it is hard to predict what will be coming in future episodes. Though after the most recent one it appears that one of the main characters is changing. Specifically, the mother who was catatonic until the reborn doll was introduced no longer recognizes that doll. Specifically, she no longer recognizes it as her baby and is beginning to act manic again. Added to the fact is the deception that other characters have traduced to the plot. With all that is much more season two-episode three titled pizza should be quite interesting to see. At least for fans of the dark psychological Apple TV show servant.

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