Final fantasy 14: Endwalker Expansion Announced by Square Enix for Fall 2021

Final fantasy 14: New expansion announced for fall 2021:

Final fantasy 14: Next Expansion is all set to release this fall (2021). This new expansion will be called Endwalker. On Friday evening, the Announcement showcase event’s opening was with the trailer of this new expansion.

What’s more fascinating about this new expansion is its graphics and gameplay. We will get realms of light, magic, dinosaurs, and what not in this Endwalker expansion.

What other details revealed?

Final fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida reveals more details of this expansion at the Final fantasy fan festival. Stated this new expansion will release with 6.0 patch with final fantasy. This is teasing “ The final days” And it is up to players which he addressed as final fantasy warriors will prevent the final days from dawning.

while talking about Endwalker, In this expansion decade long saga of Hydaelyn and zodiarks will come to an end. And this will mark a new era of the game. Unlike other expansions, this narrative will not end with post-release patches.

Endwalker’s narrative will play entirely with the 6.0 patch and will mark the onset of an all-new journey that takes the Warrior of Light to the moon. That’s right, Final Fantasy 14 is aiming for the moon.

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This new expansion comes with two new jobs. One is sage focused on mediation and healing final fantasy 14 players can begin to be sage from level 7. And the second one remains a mystery as it will be revealed on 15th May.

New Features of a final fantasy look forward to :

  • New level cap with a maximum value up to 90
  • New Utopic town in the sky called Radz-At-Han
  • New Tribes
  • New enemies.
  • Belts will be removed for the 6.0 patch
  • 35 slots assigned to the belt will be reallocated to primary weapons.

However, the director also ensured that there is more to final fantasy 14 along with Endwalker and even after that.

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