One piece episode 961 what is it setting up in episode 962 as the ark draws to its conclusion?

One piece episode 961 what is it setting up in episode 962 as the ark draws to its conclusion? That’s right, there are only four episodes left current one-piece ark. it’s been quite impressive journey for the straw and accrual this story arc. Not to mention over the entirety of the series which now spans over two decades. Following the adventures of the straw hats on their quest to find the treasure of one piece. However, this long running series most recent episodes have been focusing on a different set of characters. the last two episodes have focused on flashbacks of the character the straw hats never met. what is the reason for this and will that purpose be revealed in the next episode?


one piece episode 961


one piece episode 961 is another flashback episode focusing on characters from the island kingdom the characters are on. Specifically, it is focusing on the origins of a hero from five decades before the current time of the story. The episode focuses on how that hero saved his home city and then began wandering the country. How he unintentionally began gathering followers and ended with him about to do the most dangerous band of bandits. The episode ended by previewing events that would occur in episode 962.


one piece episode 962 info

the next episode in the one-piece series is 962 titled “changing destiny – the white beard Pirates cast ashore”. Based on the title and what we’ve heard about the character previously this is where he will become a pirate. Or more accurately, begin sailing the seas on a quest for adventure along with white beard and his crew. It also has been suggested in the trailer that he will clearly defeat the bandits with relative ease. The episode is scheduled for release February 14, 2021.


What is the setting up


One question on many fans why so many flashbacks that don’t appear to be connected to the primary story. Specifically, they have no connection directly to straw hat in his quest for the one peace. That being said, there are several possibilities as to the nature of this flashback. this information could be guest but out of respect for fans of the anime only that will be mentioned. It is clear that the main character always tries to do the right thing but has been vilified and reviled. This is due to the fact that he always goes overboard with his plans. Fans of the source material will no doubt already be aware of this. It is quite possible that the purpose of this flashback is to draw a connection between straw hat and this character. no doubt to gain the support of the inhabitants of the country. Of course, this is only a guess we won’t know for certain until the episode is released.

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