Gina Carano has been fired by Disney for exercising her freedom of speech. Specifically, the actress who is a noted conservative drew a comparison to current events and pass one’s. Granted, she has posted questionable and offensive Instagram in the past. However, this most recent one was her simply expressing a comparison to current social political issues and some of the events of WW II. Specifically, how the Nazis turned the whole of Germany against the Jews and comparing that to what is happening now. Disney’s justification over firing her for expressing this viewpoint is tenuous at best. In fact, their very actions are more in keeping with what they accuse Gina Carano. Of course, this is not the first time Disney has fired someone over social media posts for tenuous reasoning.


Why Disney fired Gina Carano


Disney fired Gina Carano over a social media post in which she compared the current political feelings in the US. Specifically, she compared how the Nazis of World War II convinced the German people to hate Jews. She did this by describing how the Nazis slowly encouraged their citizenry to blame the Jews for everything bad. She then compared this to how certain political groups encourage their members to do the same against their rivals. Though she could have been more tactful on the subject she was merely expressing her opinion.

An opinion that is backed up by history as anyone who looks up the origins of the Holocaust will find out. Nowhere in the post did Gina Carano ever degrade the Jewish people more specifically name current groups. Which completely contradicts the statement Disney gave for firing her. Additionally, even if it had existed the Bill of Rights guarantees US citizens the freedom of speech. This means not just being able to say whatever you want. it also means not be able to punish people for saying something you find offensive. Additionally, certain politicians have said much worse on the floor of the house of representatives and have not been chastised.




Disney’s decision to fire Gina Carano has already had major consequence for them. Specifically, a knot on substantial number of subscriptions to deceive us have been canceled. This is due to Gina Carano fans and fans of the Disney series she appears in expressing their outrage. While some people are applauding the removal of a conservative actress from Disney most are just upset. Gina Carano character on the Star Wars show was much beloved and inspirational to many people.

Additionally, that show is one of the flagships shows for Disney plus. Also, the majority of people that use the service prefer the Star Wars shelves as they are a big item. Disney may be helping the situation will quickly blow over with new material being added service. While that is possible it is also quite likely that it won’t and they may have to apologize higher Gina Carano back. Only time will tell on that issue which is correct, though it does appear that Gina Carano had truth to it. If for no other reason than what Disney did to her.

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