The return of PUBG mobile to India has been further delayed, with no end in sight.

The return of PUBG mobile to India has been further delayed, with no end in sight. this is not the first time the games returned to India has been delayed. After its initial removal from online stores and servers from the country numerous attempts have been made to reinstate it. All of these have met with failure in the months since September 2020. However, even as the new distributing company has prepared to launch a new game they continue to try. Unfortunately, none of their attempts have satisfied the Indian governments concerns. It was those very concerns that led to the game being banned in the first place.


PUBG mobile


PUBG mobile (player unknown battleground) is a multiplayer online Battle Royale game. Players are dropped onto a map either on their own or as part of the team. Their objective is to be the last one standing at the end of the game. They are dropped in with the most basic of equipment and have to search the island for supplies. players can also acquire items and equipment from fallen opponents as the game progresses. Also, as had degree of difficulty in addition to ensuring that players fight each other the arena shrinks. Specifically, there is a lethal storm in the game that constantly grows small. Contact with the storm automatically kills a player. As a result, it drives players earlier in and forces them to engage in combat with other players. PUBG mobile was one of the first battle royal games to be set up in this matter is inspired similar ones.


The return of PUBG mobile


The return of PUBG mobile Has been an ongoing struggle with the games distributors since it was first banned in India. That being said, the reason for the ban was perfectly valid as a national security concern. The Indian government had gathered evidence that strongly suggested the players personal data was being stolen. Specifically, it was being legally obtained by members of the CPP. Since the game was distributed by a Chinese company time the concerns were even more valid. Which is why the distributor for the Indian market has changed to a South Korean company. Unfortunately, that was not enough to satisfy the government nor apparently have any of the subsequent changes. Most likely, there is still some clause in the agreement that allows data to be accessed by the CPP. Regardless, it will still be some time before PUBG mobile is available in India again.

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