Justice league: mortal, the Justice league film predating the current incarnations that almost was. Yes, as late as 2009 Warner Bros. working with director George Miller to create a justice league. Though in all honesty they had started several years earlier.  So, it’s not uncommon for films in Hollywood to fall apart before production begins, actually it’s common. However, in the case of George Miller’s justice league this is not the case. In fact, Justice league: mortal was canceled just days before filming was scheduled to begin. The script was finished, all roles had been cast, and costumes/props prepared. For years fans have been left wondering why this version was never made.


justice league: mortal


this film was to be the very first attempt at a live-action justice league project. While no one can complain about the success of the 2017 or the Snyder cut this film would’ve been awesome. At least that is the general feeling of everyone who is directly connected with the project. To be fair, according to the script it would have been every bit as powerful as the Snyder cut. Including fierce battles, darker takes on many of the characters, and the fall and/or deaths of many of the heroes. For example, wonder woman was set to fight an evil version of Superman. Also, the primary villain of the film would not been able to achieve his goals without a paranoid Batman. anyone who’s managed to read the script can see many similarities to later incarnations.

the project actually reached very close to being filmed before was canceled. It was so close in fact that all the actors had been fitted for their costumes. In fact, many commented on the attention to detail and the quality of the fabric used. It is also fair to point out that some of the costumes bear some resemblance to later films. One of the most striking being the costumes worn by the wonder what from the respective films. Additionally, the script was fully finished in every scene in the film had storyboards prepared. In fact, the director apparently had taken over an entire conference room with the story sketched out on the boards.


why was it canceled


Justice league: mortal cancellation was and continues to be for many a big question. Specifically, why was the film canceled so close to filming. While the overarching answer is quite complicated there are two primary factors. The cost of the film is one of those factors. The film was budgeted for $250 million as a total production cost. At the time that was a truly frightening investment for most film companies including Warner Bros. The plan was to offset the cost of the film by shooting it in Australia with a 40% tax credit. Unfortunately, over the loud protests of the director the Australian government refused. They said that there weren’t enough Australian actors set in leading roles. This was despite the fact that three of the main actors were supposed to be Australia.


The other factor that led to the cancellation was concern over how the film would affect the dark Knight trilogy. The film would’ve been coming out at approximately the same time as the Batman trilogy of the time. It didn’t help that the actor slated to play Batman was not the same as the one from the trilogy. after the success of the dark Knight film were brothers decided to scrap Justice league: mortal. they justified that decision based on the price and also a wish to avoid interfering with the success of Batman. whether or not this was the right decision it still was a disappointment not to see this version of the Justice league.

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