Omega has unveiled 13 new watches in their seamaster class of watch.

Omega has unveiled 13 new watches in their seamaster class of watch. The master watchmakers have been going about their release slightly differently than previous years. Specifically, they release some of the higher end (relatively speaking) watches earlier this year. In previous years, all of their models would’ve been released at approximately the same time. That being said, this recent addition to the collection brings a high level of precision in addition to style. Each of the 13 new watches fall into the overall seamaster category and are then broken into further categories. Omega has striven with this newest release to achieve the highest pinnacle of technical perfection combined with outstanding style.


Omega seamaster


this watch has been one of their primary series for many decades. The main series as well as its subcategories have gone through constant evolutions. all while maintaining the same level of craftsmanship that the brand is known for. These newest models are all guaranteed to be the master chronometer certification. In addition, to continuing to meet the same pressure and water proof standards set by previous incarnations. After all, seamaster is a brand that has always been designed to function at deep-sea pressure. In its purest form it is a watch for those who brave the dark abyss of the ocean.


seamaster 300


The seamaster 300 is the flagship model for this series and has gone to the most modifications years. None more so than this current incarnation. While maintaining the brand standards and technical updates has also gone through some superficial changes. Such as the showpiece variation of the category which features two major ascetic differences. The first is the fact that the secondhand is an arrow pointer. Previous incarnations incorporated a lollipop style secondhand. The other change, is the finish for this particular version. To be more precise the alloy this watch is made from is a unique bronze. It is unique in that it’s will not tarnish and patina at the same rate as other bronze watches. While Omega knows that many collectors preferred the patina that develops their Confident collectors will still enjoy the unique look at this watch.




The constellation category of seamaster has and continues to be focused on appealing to women. Of course, the watch is still maintained their mechanical capabilities. That being said this newest incarnation is far more stylish than previous ones. The newest line incorporates three striking styles of stainless steel and precious metal wristbands. Additionally, each variation has a set of diamonds in placed in unique patterns around the watches face control dials.


These are only a few of the new seamaster Omega has released each with their own new style. Yet despite the aesthetics having taking a major step forward the brand maintains its integrity. That being, every single seamaster will continue to aid those who dare to explore the watery depths of the earth.

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