Dota 2’s Singapore major is being threatened by a new outbreak of coronavirus amongst the players. Specifically, out of the 18 team is scheduled for the event to have already dropped out. An additional four have had members test positive to the point where the purchase patient scenes questionable. Not only this be a major blow for Dota 2’s fan community but also to a sport in general. However, it appears that at the moment is limited to the current affected teams. despite some question over the safety regulations put in place by the organizers the tournament is continuing as planned. As this will be the first major event for Dota 2 in a year it is quite important.


Dota 2


Dota 2 Singapore major is the first major tournament of the year for the game. Dota 2 is an online multiplayer battle arena fantasy. As the name implies it is the sequel to the first game in the series. That original game itself was originally a community created modification to blizzard entertainment’s World of Warcraft three. Of course, since those days the games taking on a life of its own. It has become one of the most popular games of its genre currently available in the world today. Additionally, it has recently begun expanding into other genres as Netflix has released a series based on it.


The game was played with teams of five going up against each other. Each player has control of the avatar game known as a hero. Over the course of the game the player can level up the hero which will increase the hero special abilities. Additionally, each team has a base they have to defend while also assaulting their opponents. The game ends when one team manages to destroy a unique part of the center of their opponents’ fortress. This is of course a simple description of the game and does not even come close to doing justice.


Dota 2 Affected by coronavirus


Of the original 18 teams scheduled to attend the upcoming Singapore major one fourth have been affected. the two teams that have confirmed they will not be attending did so after more than half of their players tested positive. The same holds true for the second and that has opted out of the major. As an additional concern, for more teams have reported individuals in their ranks testing positive. This is a major concern as health requirements and concerns may prompt them to back out. Additionally, due to the incubation period virus there is no way to tell how many players are affected before they reached the major. furthermore, some people have raised concerns over the 48 hour quarantine requirements for the event. Unfortunately, the tournament requires teams to be present in order to compete. which means, that more teams back out the tournament will become very small, and potentially less exciting. this means that fans of this event are currently paying very close attention as to who will be purchased.

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