We have seen How Ted Mosby met his children’s Mother. But it’s time to watch out how Sophie met father of her son. Yes we are getting a spin-off of How I met your mother. And we didn’t even know we needed it. And the best part of all is We will get to watch Hilary Duff in the lead role.

If above given statements doesn’t really excites you let’s add one more thing to it. This series will be Hulu exclusive.

So, let’s take a look at how story of this sequel will unfold, on what level it will be similar or different to its predecessor, Release date and more details about this Upcoming Series.

What will be the potential Storyline of How I met your Father?

This is introduced as a sequel of “How I met your mother”. So it is given that story will be revolving around woman telling her children about the same as seen in Title. And yes this is exactly the case here.

As per Reports Potential storyline will be revolving  around Sophie played by Hilary Duff telling her son what circumstances leads her to met his father. While talking about similarities and differences in the series. How I met your Mother was more than 15 years old series. So we will get to see some modernized touch in this upcoming series. Apart from that we can surely expect Comic, drama and yes little bit of craziness.

Apart from all the speculations official released Description states that Sophie and her close friends exploring their identity as human, love life when everything is as virtual as dating app and many more. And yes this is the modernised touch we are talking about.

Are you excited for this upcoming series?, tell us in comments.

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“How I met Your Father” Cast :

No official cast apart from Hilary Duff as Sophie revealed as of now. While talking about this role she revealed that she is very excited to be the part of such big product. She finds herself lucky to be doing such amazing Roles in her career including this one as well.

“How I met Your Father” Release date :

Release Date of the series is not confirmed as of now. Stay tuned with us for more latest details on this upcoming series.

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