Amouranth Siragusa, Every Twitch user has heard this name once in a while. But Twitch decided to suspend all advertising on her channel. Has, Twitch converted itself into those Orthodox Aunties? (Jokes Apart, Explicit contents are banned by Twitch) Well, we can’t really quote on that. However, wearing a bikini is still allowed on the site. So it is not clear exactly why Twitch had taken this step. This popular live stream Platform has decided not to monetize its most popular female streamers channel after the Hot Tub stream. She is famous for this content.

Twitch did this to its Most Famous Streamer, but the irony is Without any prior notice. There are several social media platforms that often delete posts and videos or even restricts users from using their Apps. But Notices were given, before taking any action.  But as addressed by  Amouranth Siragusa Twitch hasn’t contacted her but suspended Her advertising. She took Twitter to point this controversy out.

she Tweeted:

so, Amouranth’s major difficulty isn’t always that Twitch eliminated her ads, however, they did so with no communication. She does now no longer respect this stealth flow however the gaming enterprise is aware of higher than to invite Twitch for any purpose after bans. We surprise if the Amazon platform ever took a day out to tell Dr. Disrespect why he changed into banned.
The platform is but to offer an assertion in this new fashion however different hot-bathtub bathers may see the equal remedy in the event that they do it live.

In a stream on Wednesday after the ban, Amouranth told her viewers that her ad revenue “was making me $30,000 a month”, and was much higher than the amount she received from direct donations from viewers.

Advertising is only paid to Twitch streamers who are part of its partner program, which it can remove people from at any time. The site can also suspend accounts “at any time for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful”.

Twitch has now no longer officially or informally answered Amouranths claims. If this changes, we can make certain to replace the story.

However, it is to be noted that Amouranth was banned for the third time on the streaming platform. However, it turned out to only for a day. Now that her account on the platform stopped Ad Revenue it is interesting to watch, whether she will continue to be on the platform or not?

What Do you think about this whole controversy? Tell us in the comments.

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