Germany’s 2021 wheat and rapeseed crop production expected to increase to 137.5 million metric tonnes, which is 3.5 million metric tonnes more than last month and 11.6 million metric tonnes more than last year and also 5 percent above the previous five years statistics. Estimation for the area at 23.9 million hectares which is similar from the last month but 3 percent higher than the last year which is 0.8 million hectares. Now the estimation of yield is 5.77 tons per hectare which is 3 percent more than last month and 6 percent more than last year.

Wheat mainly grows in the last of May in Germany, but this time it may be possible this time it will start after April and May as it was seen that the temperate is getting cooler than always so it may get shifted by a weak or ten days. However, the Satellite-derived that there is a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
(NDVI) which means there will be huge production of vegetation in the month of May in Europe and the vegetation of the surrounding will be gargantuan.

Factors due to which the production is excepted to be increased this year in Germany-

This year the weather condition seems to be very appropriate and good for the production of wheat and rapeseed crop is excepted to be extraordinary this year. As the production of wheat and rapeseed crop is supposed to be increased by  3.8 percent. This is big from the previous forecast which was delivered in the month of March. The weather of Germany is found to be “fundamentally positive” for the crops like wheat and rapeseed crops so the expected value of production will be increased from the previous assumption or forecast.


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