Mac Miller’s brother looks to be one of the only people who doesn’t seem to like Machine Gun Kelly’s new film Good News. Miller McCormick, the late Mac Miller’s brother, is believed to have expressed his opposition to Machine Gun Kelly’s planned documentary, Good News. On his Instagram Story on Thursday, McCormick said three simple yet powerful words: “Fuck you, fuck your movie, at least change the title,”.

Connection to the song “Good News.”

MGK has previously been on the big screen in Netflix films such as The Dirt, Project Power, and Bird Box.

He gave no indication of something like the new movie, but his last statement — “at least change the title” — would be an allusion towards the track “Good News” by Miller’s Circles. Good News, created and also written by Tim Sutton, would examine the last moments of such a brilliant but troubled musician. Despite the reality that now the film is a fairy tale, it “draws influence from the arcs of such modern performers as Mac Miller, Lil Peep, Pop Smoke, and Juice WRLD,” according to the report. One critic states, “Colson Baker is that rare talent who is growing at a rapid pace in both film and music.”

Rob Paris of Rivulet Media stated in a statement. “He is exactly the type of artist Rivulet Media is planning to work with, and we have never been more pleased to assist him on all fronts, especially with Tim Sutton’s strong script and vision, which are perfectly matched to Colson’s formidable abilities.”

Mother disappointment

In may, Mac Miller’s mom has spoken out against an unapproved biography regarding her boy. Karen Meyers chastised Paul Cantor for releasing his book, Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller, disregarding the family’s “uncomfortably” about him writing the book even though he didn’t know Miller.

Director Tim Sutton’s film, while fictitious, is based on the true experiences of late singers such as Mac, Lil Peep, Pop Smoke, and Juice Wrld, and released on June 24. According to the publication, production will begin later this month.

Machine Gun Kelly, who has appeared in films such as Project Power and Bird Box, has yet to respond to the issue on social media.

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