Gordys Hi Hat dies at 93

Founder of Gordy’s Hi-HatGordy, Gordy Lundquist Died –

Gordy Lundquist who was the founder of great iconic Gordy’s Hi-Hat in Cloquet died on July 6, Tuesday at the age of 93. The family of Gordy Lundquist posted on Facebook to gave a tribute and tells that Gordy Lundquist passed away on Wednesday morning. And the post also stated the condition of how Gordy Lundquist takes his last breath. It was mentioned on the post that he died by the side of his wife named Marilyn who was 71 years old. It was also mentioned in the post that Gordy Lundquist was a supporting and Caring father, a supporting and Caring grandfather, and also a supporting and Caring great grandfather who always was satisfied with his work, employees over the years. He was very hard working and always took things as a chance to show and perform.

Something About Gordy Lundquist and its character-

Gordys Hi Hat dies at 93

Gordy Lundquist on its 90 birthday which was in 2019, that how he celebrates or spends her whole days from the past 57 years. he said he always does the same things from the past for so many years which makes him relieved and calm. “I manage the operation and work the counters. The place is good to me, no sense in changing it,” Gordy Lundquist said to WDIO. Gordy Lundquist started its business with his loving wife Marilyn in Cloquet. He always says that meeting new people is the best thing in his job which makes him happy.

he works for around 6 decades and makes his company at its peak. he started his company with his wife named Marilyn Lundquist in the year 1960. His restaurant was famous for burgers, Onion rings, and shakes which are delicious in taste. and the most important thing is the taste which remains the same. Giving tribute to Gordy Lundquist.

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