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Epic Games Store, which offers free games to game lovers every week, has announced the productions it will distribute next week. Here is all about those games.

Off World Tradıng Company:

Offworld Trading Company, a real-time economic strategy game, is a real-time strategy game where you can defeat your enemies not with a rifle, but with your intelligence and mastery of economic games.  In the game, you will be a company that collects resources on the surface of Mars.  The tricks of the game are to buy cheap and sell high and constantly follow the market.

With the single-player story mode and the multiplayer mode for up to 8 people, you will be able to follow the values ​​of all players in the upcoming game, so you can predict who is ahead or who is the weak link.  In my opinion, it is a game that almost every game lover will enjoy and play.  It is a game that should be tried by players who love strategy, adventure, and suspense. 


It is an exploration game. It is a game established to solve various puzzles and explore the World.  While you are by a lake, thanks to an organic artifact falling from the sky, you will go on a journey to universes you have never known and will reveal the secrets of the new planets you have discovered.  With the decisions you have made, you will shape the game story and enjoy the mysterious landscapes.

 While traveling around the world, you must be alert at all times because it is an open-world game and it will not be clear what kind of danger will come from where and a difficult journey awaits us.  Puzzles are quite difficult and in some places, simple and practical thinking works better.  These types of games are now extinct, there are not many such games, but unfortunately, they do not attract as much attention as before. If you like similar games like Obduction, I recommend you to play them. 

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