Lady Gaga’s dogwalker Crowdfunding Cross Country Trip as he claims to be homeless and broke

Lady Gaga’s dogwalker sets up a GoFundMe account

Ryan Fischer, a dog walker, started a GoFundMe page on Monday to raise money for a road trip he is planning in order to improve his emotional wellbeing. Fischer revealed that the van he’s been traveling in for the past two months has broken down and that he requires financial help.

He stated he had traveled cross-country from Los Angeles to New York and returned, but that he needed money to continue his ‘sabbatical’ journey. He has set up a GoFundMe account in support of a van acquisition and travel expenditures and Ryan invite all feedback on trauma retreats around the country, as well as queer spiritual leaders and healers, and how best to spotlight and communicate with the public along the journey.

A traumatizing event

In February, Ryan was shot four times when he was walking Lady Gaga’s adored French bulldogs Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia in Los Angeles during a dognapping. Miss Asia managed to flee and returned to sit with Ryan as he bled on the pavement, but Koji and Gustav were abducted.

Five people were charged in April in connection with the abduction, along with the lady who retrieved Koji and Gustav. As per the LAPD, three of the offenders, James Jackson, aged 18, Jaylin White, aged 19, and Lafayette Whaley, aged 27, have been charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. According to the police, they were unaware that Gaga was the owner, despite allegations that the crimes were part of a gang initiation.

Two further suspects, Harold White, a known gang member and Jaylin White’s father, and his girlfriend Jennifer McBride, aged 50, are suspected of being accomplice after the event by assisting in the concealment of the taken animals. For the rescue of her pets, Lady Gaga paid about $500k. She is also the one who paid all of the medical bills for Ryan Fischer.

This incident had serious repercussions for the dog walker, affecting his mental health, as he claims his top objective is driving a van and travelling this nation and searching for groups that support the process of healing from trauma.

Whilst the body’s wounds heal, he explained how the trauma of what occurred continues to affect him. Ryan said he was terrified at times: he was all by himself, he felt isolated and helpless and he struggled with despair, uncertainty, and self-pity for a long time.

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