Mysterious alien like creature in Australia

An “alien-like” creature has found on a beach in Queensland Australia, leaving people stunned across the internet.

The unknown creature, which appeared to have four limbs and a reptile-like skull and a tail, this creature was found by a man who was strolling around the Cotton Tree Beach on the Sunshine Coast last week, Pastor Alex Tan, 28, made an unsettling find.

“It was just after we had all that stuff washed up on beaches from the floods,” he said. “Its hands were really weird. I’m just calling it an alien,” he said, after posting the image online.

“I’m excited to hear what it would be.”

Mr. Tan said he initially assumed it to be a possum, but after he examined it he was still unsure exactly what the strange creature was. And in a fun conversation on twitter he offered anyone with a better explanation a chicken parmigiana at the pub, quite funny right.

“I want to put the deal out there – if it’s not a possum I will shout that person a chicken parmy,” he said.

Mysterious alien like creature

It’s not the first time social media has been left mesmerized by such terrifying creatures washing ashore, some time earlier a massive blackfish was found  at a California beach where social media commenters made a virtual conversation last year by a beachgoer who snapped incredible pics of the find at Newport Beach at Crystal Cove State Park in May 2021.

Later the creature was identified as a Pacific footballfish, which mostly lives in the deepest parts of the ocean where fish are forced to evolve with lanterns to navigate the shadowy depths.

The Pacific footballfish is part of the anglerfish family consisting of over 300 species. The alienesque fellow pictured here came in at 45cm, but the largest of the anglerfish family can reach almost 30 times that size with the Ceratias holboelli capable of measuring in at a whopping 1.2m.

A ‘wandering sea anemone’, often known as ‘swimming anemone’ or ‘brain anemone,’ was identified by one commentator.

Usually found attached to rocks and algae, this strange-looking anemone is the largest member of its family and is known to venture out on its own.

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