Avril Lavigne Gets Engaged to Mod Sun

This sk8er girl Avril Lavigne has found her sk8er boi Mod Sun! On Thursday, Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun officially announced that they are getting engaged by sharing pics on social media of their proposal in Paris, France.

Their pictures were with the Eiffel Tower in the background, where Mod Sun got down on his knee and asked Lavigne to be his wife with a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring in his hand. “Oui! Je t’aime pour toujours Dimanche. 27. Mars. 2022,” Lavigne, captioned a series of photos of the moment on her social media handles.

Mod Sun, 35, also posted multiple photos, along with a heartfelt message for Avril Lavigne, his bride-to-be. “The day we met I knew you were the one. Together forever til our days are done. I had a dream where I proposed in paris. I pulled out a ring + asked you to wear it. I was on one knee as I looked in your eyes. You’re too beautiful for my words to describe. I grabbed your hand + took one last breath… I said ‘will you marry me?’ + she said ‘yes,'” he wrote. “I love you Avril ❤️.”

Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Gets Engaged

Media first learned these two were dating in February 2021, and months later, Mod Sun was singing Lavigne’s praises.

“She’s been my biggest supporter, which is not something I’ve ever really had in my life before, is someone supporting me that much, that I’m, like, that close with,” he told ET in September. “So to have her in my life, supporting me and helping push me, and she’s the first one that I play like music to now.”

Many media persons also spoke to Lavigne last month about working with Mod Sun on her album, Love Sux.

“We made the album together, we co-wrote the songs,” Lavigne said, praising Mod Sun for the collaborative relationship they’ve built. “He’s coming out on tour with me, and we’re super creative together. So it’s really fun.”

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