The head coach of the Felinos has already released the first glimpse of what is to come at La Maquina in their Quarter Final duel.

What happens if Miguel Herrera humiliates the Cementeros yet again Tigres. Cruz Azul in 2022? The coach is confident and has already made an astonishing revelation regarding his strategy for the game.

No doubt, the coach has shown his players in past seasons that Cruz Azul is one team he is so familiar with that they suffered an extraordinarily humiliating and painful loss in their history.

Miguel Herrera looks confident and has already revealed the shocking news

At the press conference that preceded the game with the Cruz Azul at the press conference, head coach Miguel Herrera made a surprising discovery by declaring his team’s starting eleven just a day before the game with the Centres.

This shows confidence in the player, as in the situation in Mexican soccer, this type of play isn’t standard, and coaches have to wait for a few hours before the game starts to announce to their players who they will begin the game.

In his statement to the media, ” Piojo”, Herrera revealed this admission to explain the significance of the information he made during the press conference where Herrera stated, “I ” will stay true to his style” in this crucial match.

The coach said this because during the semi-finals of Apertura 2021, He “betrayed” his style of playing and was ejected from the tournament by Leon. This club made it to the final in the competition against Atlas and then lost.

” Not changing your way of playing will be important, with that idea we will go. It’s not so much up to me, it’s up to the boys to do it, they are the ones who drag us along in their success, soccer gives you revenge every week and in the Liguilla, it gives you revenge, you have the possibility of coming to your house to turn things around”, was the statement made by the coach during the interview.

Then he unveiled the shocking news of revealing his squad just a few days before the match. His team is: Nahuel Guzman, Jesus Duenas, Hugo Ayala, Guido Pizarro, Jesus Angulo, Javier Aquino, Rafael Carioca, Juan Pablo Vigon, Nicolas Lopez, Luis Quinones and Andre-Pierre Gignac.

Can Miguel Herrera humiliate the Cementeros in Tigres against Cruz Azul in 2022?

There is no way that Cruz Azulfan has ever managed not to remember Miguel Herrera’s brutal humiliation against his team, Cementeros, during the Final of the 2013 Clausura tournament.
In that game, Cruz Azul came within minutes of ending their 16-year drought for a title and was forced to play against Aguilas del America, the club run by Herrera, who was in charge of the final.

In the 88th minute of that game, Cruz Azul was ahead by 2-0; however, a goal scored by Aquivaldo Mosquera provided Aguila’s hope and made it at 2-1, but that was not enough to complete that incredible fightback.

Within a couple of minutes after that, with extra the clock, an angle within the Cruz Azul area was headed into the goalkeeper of the team, Moises Munoz, which scored an equalizer which forced overtime, and later penalties.

In the shootout for the penalty, Chuleta Orozco and Alejandro Castro of La Maquina missed placing the trophy on the table of Club America, in an embarrassing humiliation that lives inside the minds of Cementeros supporters.

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