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Lisa Kudrow sings ‘Smelly Cat” with Drew Scott for her HGTV debut

Lisa Kudrow stuns her deserving cousin by completing a home improvement on Monday’s episode of ‘Celebrity IOU’ with a little help from her pals The Property Brothers! While they’re doing it, Drew Scott and Lisa Kudrow are seen on the next episode belting out a cult song from the hit ’90s show “Friends”!

Lisa Kudrow Celebrity IOU

In a sneak peek from this HGTV show, which will air on May 16, on Monday One star of the Property Brother star delights the “Friends” alums with a rendition of the classic NBC sitcom’s hit tune “Smelly Cat.’ Kudrow recognizes the tune Drew plays on the acoustic guitar prior to it is even able to begin the singing. “Oh You’re singing “Smelly Cat!” she puffs her lungs as Drew begins to perform before his co-stars as well as the twin brothers Jonathan. Kudrow begins to clap and shouts “Very amazing!” before picking up a second guitar to go along with him.

In an interview on camera, Lisa Kudrow reveals that she isn’t averse to hearing individuals make Friends references however, she’s unable to remember many of the references. Jonathan Kudrow asks her if she would be willing singing the tune, and whether she can remember the lyrics. Kudrow confirms that she can remember the lyrics! Jonathan mocks Drew in their confessional video, claiming that Drew was practicing and rehearsing in the mirror, which Drew is not denying. Drew attempts to get the two to sing with Jonathan, which he claims is something he should “work on” in the future, and the duet does not go off to the most perfect of start. Kudrow laughs about how he knocked his partner off the balance.

Lily Kudrow’s cousin Thea Mann is also close With Another ‘Friends’ Actress

There’s an upcoming episode of the show Celebrity tonight. The downside is that you’re most likely cry (OK however, that’s nearly every episode, isn’t it? ).

Friends star Lisa Kudrow

In the most recent release of the installment, Friends star Lisa Kudrow joins forces together with Drew as well as Jonathan Scott (aka the Property Brothers) to return something to someone truly significant in her life as well as her close friend and cousin Thea Mann.

Her cousin Lisa Kudrow Thea has also been a professional actress and you might have seen her in an episode of the show “Friends” earlier.

As we can see on The Celebrity IOU The cousin of Lisa Thea is a lover of animals who has had to deal with some challenges in recent years, which includes the recent loss of her parents.

As Lisa wrote in the press release accessed through People , “Thea is my cousin, but she feels like my soul-sister. She isn’t asking for help and I’m sure she’s looking for an environment that is pet-friendly which is why this is the most wonderful thing that could happen because Thea has a huge impact on me. Being able do this for Thea is a huge deal and is ideal for her and her furry family.”

If Thea appears familiar, it’s because she’s held various roles as an actor in which she was able to collaborate with Lisa.

Thea was a guest in her 1997 Friends Episode entitled ” The one with all the wedding Dresses”.

The story follows Ross proposes to Emily and has left Monica with the responsibility the wedding gown that she can’t stop wearing. Rachel is in a state of jealousy and attempts get her husband to get married. In the meantime, Chandler takes Joey to the sleep clinic when Joey begins snoring. Thea is revealed as the worker at the sleep clinic.

The Reasons Lisa Kudrow Was Fired From “Frasier”

Lisa Kudrow fired from Fraiser

The opportunity to be a part of the most popular television show is something every actor is lucky enough to be able to accomplish. The opportunities are rare and hard to come by and Lisa Kudrow made sure to make the most of her opportunities when she was offered the role in the show Phoebe in the show Friends.


This show changed her entire life and she’s had an incredible career in the field of entertainment. Kudrow may not have a memory of filming this show but she has a lot about her experience in entertainment that she will recall. She’s even spoken out about her experience being dismissed from a sitcom prior to landing the job of a lifetime for her role on Friends.

In the 90s, NBC had a lineup of shows that other networks had a hard time to keep up. In case the presence of Seinfeld was not good enough the network also laid the claim of its own show, Friends which is one of the most popular and most watched television shows on the planet.

The cast included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer with Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kud Matthew Perry, the series about a group of people who live within New York was everything that people were searching for at that period of time.

The writing was excellent, and the acting was excellent and, over the course of its time on NBC this sitcom managed to consistently be different from the other shows that were airing simultaneously.

Thea Mann is Lisa Kudrow’s niece Quick Facts

Thea Mann cousin Lisa KudrowThea Mann was Lisa Kudrow’s sister, as well as her best friend. She is the “Friends” actress team up along with Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott to surprise Mann by transforming her condo on Season 3 of “Celebrity IOU.”

“Being capable of doing this for Thea is the most important thing and it is ideal for Thea and her furry family members,” Kudrow said in a press announcement. “It is going to completely transform the way she lives her.”

“Celebrity IOU” will see stars such as Kudrow delight the people they love by introducing changes. Other stars in this season’s show comprise Tiffany Haddish, Anthony Anderson, Halle Berry, Snoop Dogg, Howie Mandel, John C. Reilly and Ali Wong.

Mann is Kudrow’s best friend and cousin Mann is Kudrow’s cousin and best friend, however her “Feel Great” actress believes she could be more of her sister.

“Thea has been my best friend, but is like my soul-sister,” Kudrow said in an announcement. “She doesn’t ask for assistance, ever. And I’m certain she’s in need of the best pet-friendly home which is why this is the greatest thing that could happen for me, as Thea has a lot of meaning to me.”

Mann posted photos of their close bond on Instagram in which Kudrow was seen helping by providing round-the-clock care to one of her dogs.

Drew was also teased by Jonathan who joked that “You’re not in the group, Drew!” The Property Brothers guide Kudrow through the renovations to her home in Monday’s ‘Celebrity IOU in an effort to impress her best friend and her cousin Thea by completing a stunning property renovation. Lisa Kudrow’s best-friend and cousin has endured an up and down few years, but she’s made a decision to share her home and heart to animals who need help; Lisa invites Drew and Jonathan to assist her cousin renovate her condo.

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