Max Verstappen – Oracle Red Bull Racing – Gp Monaco 2022

F1. The Circus is currently getting refurbished. While we are focusing on racing at the Monaco Grand Prix, it is odd that the next step for the most prestigious race within Formula One is being discussed. As part of a needed reorganization of the logistics that the top drivers of the race plan to execute to address environmental, but most importantly, economic demands (read more), specific calendar columns might be eliminated. They could also undergo a radical change to ensure their long-term stay.
The schedule of 2023’s events is being formulated this week. The goal of the decision-makers is to complete the 24 occurrences of the season. Other locations must be forced to leave with various locations pushing to be in. France, as well as Belgium, are among the weak GPs. Some newcomers are Qatar and Las Vegas, with a possibility of South Africa, whose candidacy is highly encouraged by Lewis Hamilton.
It is clear that China is acknowledged on paper and must be addressed in this Covid situation. The Asian country has stringent protocols, and a few positive cases can lead to extremely strict locks that might not work with the flexibility Formula One uses to proceed in the event of a pandemic.

Max Verstappen – Oracle Red Bull Racing – Gp Monaco 2022
Max Verstappen – Oracle Red Bull Racing – Gp Monaco 2022

Mexico should also be included in the theatres in the future. But this could be possible. In August of 2018, the chief executive officer at Liberty Media, Chase Carey, travelled to America to negotiate a deal with the event’s organizers to extend the agreement up to 2022. In the meantime, the signature American track has been sold to another. As of today, there’s no deal yet been concluded. However, F1 will not be looking to shed such an audience, and the race is now famous due to its fans and the venue where cars race through on the third sector.

The importance played by Mexico City is, therefore, crucial to Mexico City’s role in Old Continent. If it is taken off the calendar (but at present, the desire to keep it on the calendar is not lost) and with the demise of Sochi as well, the three slots would be filled with Las Vegas, China and Losail already contracted. If it remains with the current limit to 24 race events, a race that is between Monte Carlo, France and Belgium is likely to be safe as the licenses expire in 2022. Let’s look at each case individually.

F1: Monaco needs to examine specific parameters to remain on the calendar

Montecarlo represents the best GP of F1. There is no doubt about this. Although the contract is in the final stage, that has a kind of possibility initiating its renewal. It’s simple on paper but complicated because Formula One has removed the benefits previously granted to the organizer. Now, the organization must make duplicate payments as other organizers pay.

The people who run the Circus have removed the Principality from its pedestal. The change in the format of the race to a 3-day format is an indication that this is a punch on the back of the tradition that has been firmly established for the GP, which began on Wednesday, with media-related activities followed by two practise sessions, and then took an absence the following Friday. It was a time which was always devoted to glamour and continued on the remaining two days just like any other place.


After five days of the collateral exploitation that is part of the Monaco brand, we are at three. This makes the people who invest their cash into F1 racing cars turn their noses up. In recent years the issue that is technology has been raised. The single-seaters are more and more resistant in terms of their dimensions and aerodynamics to the narrow tracks. It is essential to know whether the latest generation of cars is better equipped to get from the walls of the Principality.

Max Verstappen – Oracle Red Bull Racing – Monaco GP 2022

That’s why significant changes to the track design would extend and widen it, particularly in the areas that are before the tunnel is in a state of frozen. This is why there was a presence during this time of Hermann Tilke in Monegasque land. If Formula One evaluates Montecarlo, it is also the Principality that weighs F1 itself. It is a fact that losing a race like this is a significant blow to the tradition of the sport, which has been gradually diminished through night races, exotic circuits, and places with sparkling lines but uncertain technical content.

But the issue is economic. Montecarlo is currently paying between 10 to 15 million dollars for F1 F1 racing cars racing through the streets. It is a lower figure than another offer, given that the price for admission to the race is $25 million. One of the privileges that Bernie Ecclestone granted to the GP was the privilege of self-producing the images. That determines if a sponsor is more ranked than other sponsors. This includes the ones who pay blue figures to F1. Monaco is connected to Tag Heuer, the Circus to Rolex and Rolex.

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