List of Reasons Behind Latest Update in Among Us Version 2022.6.21- Biggest Update Full Information

India 28 June 2022 | Hello Gamers you love playing Among Us game with your friends then you will love to know the reasons behind the latest update in among us version 2022.6.21 which was released on 15 June 2022 where you may also get crazy to use the updated features in-game and I confirm that you will also enjoy the updates made in-game as this update in Among Us also said as one of the biggest updates in the history of Among Us Game.


What is the latest update in Game Among Us:

changes in code view

As Among Us updated version 2022.6.21 is called a giant bug fix update where there were huge small changes and bug were fixed in the game but there was also some big changes were made which is mentioned below:

• Newly Streamer Mode added to the settings: When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and are replaced by “Click to copy”.
• Linking Account is back which new terms and conditions! You can link most platforms together to share cosmetics, experiences, etc.
• Added a most effective colourblind mode to the settings.

• while voting now players can view maps on-screen and analyses according to their knowledge of gaming.
• Over 100 more issues fixed! See our website for all the info.

Biggest Bug Fixed in this Update with there specific reasons:

  • Now loading screen with wait for every player to enter the lobby.
  • Kills will be suspended till the Emergency Meeting is going on.
  • Players can’t move during changing their role they will have to stay and change their role.
  • Players randomly can’t be suspended to kill move or make changes in their role.
  • The imposter will be mentioned correctly if more than one emergency meeting is being called at the same time.
  • A quick chat will be used and it will be going on there is no need to open or close the chat while the game is going on.
  • Now the message like ‘sure it’s taking a long time will not be shown in Among Us Game.
  • Code will be no longer be duplicated if the host rejoin the lobby
  • Friends List – Chat icon will be in grey colour for proper visibility
  • Android and iOS – Players can now interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how quickly they are tapping through other settings
  • Android device users will now no longer get any issue while login into any android device.
  • Android device users can view and access achievements
  • Resolved desync issue when a player reports body while climbing the ladder
  • Polaroids for the ‘Develop Photos’ tasks cannot be placed outside the task window
  • During meetings, buttons respond as intended no matter how spammy your clicks are

Conclusion: All mentioned above bugs and changes to the game are just made to improve hands-on gaming experience where every bigger bug fixes were needed in-game but if you know any more bugs which need to be fixed or should be made changes type of things. for that please comment below in this blog this will be considered on high priority. last for more updates on any topic must-visit Joplin business journal.

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