Name of Ranbir Kapoor – Alia Bhatt Baby First Child, Alia is ready with the list of names

Today we all came to know Alia Ranbir going to have a baby. As Alia Bhatt shared an Instagram post telling her fans that she’s pregnant. So, fans are eagerly waiting to hear the name of Ranbir Alia’s first child. Hence, here we are with the secret list of names that Alia and Ranbir are planning to have for their first baby. Also, this is going to be the first child of the Kapoor Family’s next generation. SO, the whole Kapoor family is very much excited to have a new member in their family.

As per our sources, Ranbir got very emotional while presenting this news. As he is seeing his father with their first baby. He told us he’s going to get his father back with his child. Secondy, Alia Bhatt’s Father Mahesh Bhatt is also too excited about the news and posted on Instagram that Our Baby is going to have a Baby. With this statement, we can predict the excitement level of maternal Grandfather.

Most importantly, Ranbir Alia’s first child is going to be very popular in the news. Like Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali’s child, Taimur took the internet after his birth. Similarly, this child is also going to be a popular star kid.

List of names Alia and Ranbir Planning for First Child :

Alia Ranbir baby's name
Alia Ranbir during their wedding
  • Rishi Junior
  • AliaRa
  • Ranali
  • Rishi 2
  • Mrinalini
  • Avyam

So, with the above names, we can clearly sense a hint of Hollywood names in their first child. Secondly, they are planning to have a blend of Grandfather’s name in the children’s names.

Ranbir Alia’s Planning for Second Child :

As our reporter asked about the planning for their next child. So, they have given a mixed reaction to this question. But Ranbir is very much influenced by his sister Kareena who is having back-to-back babies with his partner Saif Ali Khan. As a result, we can figure it out that it won’t be too surprising that next year we again come through the news about their second child.


We are just revealing the information which was gathered through Alia and Ranbir’s Social handles. And, given to our reporters by them. We respect the privacy of everyone, hence never intend on hurt anyone’s sentiment. So, please don’t promote any fake news or gossip about any star. Thank you for being a sincere reader!

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