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Today On July 28, an official statement was released by PLEDIS Entertainment announcing the departure of Jang Gyuri from fromis_9 team as well as the agency. Apart from this news the company also revealed the girl group’s future plans.

At the beginning of their statement, PLEDIS said, “We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the fans who have shown unwavering support and love for fromis_9. We would like to provide some information regarding the future activities of fromis_9.”

The company then informed their fans that fromis_9 will now onwards continue its activities as an eight-member group starting upcoming August and will meet their fans through their upcoming Japanese promotions and other activities scheduled for the year’s second half.

PLEDIS explained that Jang Gyuri has decided to wrap up her time as a member of fromis_9. As a result, the group’s fifth EP, “from our Memento Box,” will be her last promotional activity as part of the group.

“She will conclude her contract earlier with us as of July 31 to embark on a new journey,” the company added.

Jang Gyuri Leaving fromis_9

The agency further added that the current eight members of fromis_9 (Lee Sae Rom, Roh Ji Sun, Song Ha Young, Lee Chae Young, Park Ji Won, Baek Ji Heon, Lee Na Gyung, and Lee Seo Yeon) have already signed a new contract and that too when they were transferred to PLEDIS Entertainment in August 2021 from Off the Record Entertainment.

PLEDIS later stated, “The artist and the company decided after careful consideration and discussions on what would be the best path for everyone.” They then asked fans to continue sending their love and support to Jang Gyuri and the eight remaining members of fromis_9, who will start a new chapter of their careers.

Jang Gyuri’s Last active participation with fromis_9 Members

Her last appearance just before leaving fromis_9 and PLEDIS Entertainment was when she participated in the girl group’s comeback this past June with their fifth mini-album “from our Memento Box.”

“From our Memento Box” comes with its title track, “Stay This Way,” and four other new songs. With this mini-album, fromis_9 broke their personal record for first-week sales. The EP sold 138,170 copies, surpassing their best mini album’s (till now) first-week sales i.e. “Midnight Guest” (which only sold 104,438 copies).

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