Colombian police seize weapons from FARC dissidents in important blow to armed group.

Colombia: Colombia’s national police force announced that it had seized an arsenal of weapons belonging to dissident members of the now-disbanded Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebel group. The weapons, including 33 guns, an M60 machine gun, grenades, more than 30,000 bullets, and uniforms, were discovered in two vehicles that had been abandoned in the Narino province in southwestern Colombia. Police Director General Henry Armando Sanabria said that the confiscated weapons were one of the most significant seizures in recent years, and with this, we avoid the strengthening of an armed group. The weapons were made in the United States, Israel, and Russia, and it is not yet known if they were purchased on the black market or stolen during attacks. The Colombian government is currently deciding if the movement of the weapons constitutes a violation of the dissidents’ ceasefire with the government.

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