Newly Released White House Visitor Logs Provide Insight into Meetings Ahead of January 6th Capitol Riot

United State: In late December, the House select committee released a spreadsheet detailing seven full days of White House visitor logs in the weeks leading up to the January 6th Capitol riot.

The logs, which were among hundreds of documents posted by the committee as it concluded its investigation, reveal the names of individuals who met with former President Donald Trump in the weeks leading up to the riot.

The logs cover the dates of December 12, 14, 18 and 21, 2020, and January 3-5, 2021 and do not provide information on the specific purposes of the visits or the identities of the visitors beyond their names.

However, they do provide new insight into events related to the January 6th investigation, such as the chaotic Oval Office meeting on December 18th where outside advisers suggested seizing voting machines, as well as an accounting of Fox News broadcasters and other individuals who met with Trump in the final weeks of his presidency.

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