Whatsapp latest update for Iphones

WhatsApp, the Meta instant messaging platform, has received a stable update for iPhone users. iOS users can now search messages by date. This update is now available for iOS users on the Apple App Store. The new update allows users to drag and drop images, videos and other media from other apps into Meta’s own app and share it with other WhatsApp users in chat messages. Some users have received the update so far and it will be rolling out to all his iOS users soon.

The WhatsApp instant messaging platform and Voice-over-IP platform have the latest update with build number 1/23/75 on the Apple App Store. This allows users to search and find specific media in chat messages by date. Additionally, the update also introduces the ability for users to drag and drop documents, images, and videos that they want to share via his WhatsApp between other apps.

More about the Whatsapp Update:

Notably, the update is now only visible to some users.This update will roll out to all iOS users soon.
Meanwhile, Meta’s own messaging app WhatsApp could allow users to share photos with other contacts in original quality. Images shared via WhatsApp are currently compressed, resulting in grainy photos. According to WaBetaInfo, the company is working to ensure photos can be sent in their original quality. WaBetaInfo is an online website that tracks upcoming features for WhatsApp.

platform discovered this feature in his WhatsApp Beta on Android update. According to reports, the messaging app will add a new settings icon to the drawing tools header. A new icon allows users to set image quality, including original quality. This gives you more control over the quality of your photos.

New WhatsApp features are currently under development. Will be supported in a future update.

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