The Conners: Tragedy Strikes Again

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The Conners season 5 is setting up for the biggest tragedy since Roseanne’s passing, involving the illness of Jackie’s mother Beverly.

Jackie’s fight with Louise in episode 7 leads to her admitting her resentment towards Roseanne’s control over her and her mother’s bias towards Roseanne.

The theme of family and its importance is brought back, highlighting the complexity and depth of the relationships within the Conner family.

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The Conners season 5 is proving to be a worthy successor to the original Roseanne show, with emotionally impactful storylines and character development.

As The Conners season 5 unfolds, a new character death threatens to shake the show to its core.

Spoilers Ahead for The Conners Season 5, Episode 7


The Conners, a spinoff of the beloved show Roseanne, has seen its fair share of drama since its debut. However, season 5 may be setting the stage for the biggest tragedy the show has seen since the death of the original series’ title character. In the wake of Roseanne Barr’s firing in 2018, her character was written out of the show and the series was rebranded as The Conners. While the show has seen success in later seasons, it struggled to navigate this sudden and tragic turn of events.

Roseanne’s Absence Felt in Seasons 2-4

In the seasons that followed, The Conners rarely referenced the loss of Roseanne. Her death was a devastating blow to the family, and the show struggled to address the elephant in the room. However, in season 5, the show has become more comfortable addressing Roseanne’s memory and seems to be setting the stage for another major tragedy. In episode 7, “Take This Job and Shove It Twice,” a fight between Louise and Jackie leads Jackie to reveal her longstanding resentment towards Roseanne’s control over her and the fact that their mother, Beverly, always took Roseanne’s side. This revelation adds an extra layer of heartbreak to the looming threat of Beverly’s illness.

Jackie’s Inner Turmoil

While Darlene has stepped into a leadership role in the absence of Roseanne, Jackie is the character who directly mentions her late sister in “Take This Job and Shove It Twice.” When Louise gets a job at the Lunchbox and begins making suggestions for how the restaurant should be run

, Jackie’s reluctance initially comes across as her typical control-freak behavior. However, after Louise confronts her, Jackie blurts out that she doesn’t want “Roseanne” to tell her how to live. This admission is a “genuine Freudian slip,” according to psychology student Becky, and reveals Jackie’s resentment towards her sister’s over-involvement in her affairs. The confrontation with Louise brings these emotions to the surface.

Jackie’s Relationship with Beverly

While Jackie’s revelation in The Conners season 5 is about her sister, the closing scenes of “Take This Job and Shove It Twice” bring the focus back to Jackie’s relationship with her mother. Jackie’s struggles with Beverly were a major plot point in Roseanne and, while Roseanne also had issues with their mother, the original series left the impression that she and Beverly had a better relationship, while Jackie was the outsider. This portrayal of Jackie as the family screw-up continued until The Conners season 5, when all of Jackie’s stories started to involve her standing up for herself and asserting herself.

Jackie’s Chance at Happiness

happines The Conners: Tragedy Strikes Again

Jackie has worked hard to establish herself as a successful businesswoman, a happy wife, and a beloved member of her family. However, her past portrayal as a black sheep still haunts her. As the retcon of Jackie’s child from Roseanne shows, this isn’t the first time Jackie has tried to turn her life around and earn a shot at happiness. But this is the first time she has had this chance without Beverly or Roseanne standing in her way.

Beverly’s Illness

Beverly, Jackie’s mother, hasn’t appeared on The Conners since season 3. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the actress’ advanced age, it’s been difficult for her to shoot episodes. As a result, it wasn’t surprising when The Conners season 5 hinted at Beverly suffering from an illness. It’s unclear whether Beverly will survive the season, but it seems likely that her impending illness is the reason why so many of Jackie’s recent storylines

have focused on her relationship with her mother. This tragic twist will be a difficult challenge for Jackie to navigate, especially given her unresolved feelings towards Beverly and her past resentment towards Roseanne. The Conners season 5 is setting up the biggest tragedy since Roseanne’s passing, and it will be interesting to see how the show handles this emotional storyline.

It is also worth noting that this potential tragedy surrounding Beverly’s illness brings back the theme of family and its importance, which was a central aspect of the original Roseanne show. It highlights the complexity and depth of the relationships within the Conner family, and how they cope with loss and grief. It will be a heart-wrenching yet powerful storyline that is bound to leave an impact on the viewers.

Overall, The Conners season 5 seems to be taking a more dramatic and emotional turn, delving deeper into the characters’ past and their relationships with each other. The show is not shying away from tackling difficult and sensitive themes, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve as the season progresses. The Conners season 5 is proving to be a worthy successor to the original Roseanne show, and fans can look forward to more meaningful and impactful storylines.

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