The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to launch in February 2023 and is expected to feature several upgrades over its predecessor, the S23 Ultra. One of the most notable changes is an upgrade to the primary camera sensor, which will increase from 108MP to 200MP. This upgrade will also result in significant improvements to night photography and the performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor.

In addition to these improvements, the S24 Ultra is also expected to feature a new telephoto solution and new camera processing technology. The telephoto camera sensor will be improved, as well as the zoom mechanism, though it is unclear what the new zoom solution will be. Samsung may also use a similar zoom camera to the one used by LG Innotek, which offers a continuous zoom range of 4x to 9x.

The new camera processing technology will be based on “Nano-photonics technology” and will significantly improve the imaging abilities of the S24 Ultra, particularly in terms of video quality. This new process will improve low-light performance, increase dynamic range, and offer depth sensing for pleasing out-of-focus backgrounds. With advanced software techniques like multi-frame capture and AI-based processing, the S24 Ultra will provide users with a superior video shooting experience.

In terms of design, Samsung has recently hired Hubert H. Lee, the former chief design officer of Mercedes-Benz China, as the head of the MX (Mobile Experience) design team. Lee’s role will be to design the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, which will launch in fall 2023, and the Galaxy S24 Series, which will launch on 1 February 2023 (Sourced from:Galaxy S24 Ultra: Super-Awesome with 200MP Camera, Improved Zoom, & New Design). With Lee’s wealth of design experience, we can expect the S24 series to be a high-end, luxury device.

Changes made: on first line it was mentioned 2024 at place of 2023. 

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