In Episode Five of the HBO series based on the video game, we witnessed yet another heart-wrenching climax that left us missing the characters of Henry and Sam. However, Episode Six offers a glimmer of hope to the viewers. Joel has been on a tireless quest to locate his long-lost brother, Tommy, who used to be a Firefly. Finally, after a long search, the Miller brothers reunite. The reunion takes place in the wilderness, where Joel and Ellie encounter a group of strangers.

The strangers initially seem to lead Joel and Ellie to their demise, but they eventually guide them to Jackson, Wyoming, which serves as an oasis in a world ravaged by the cordyceps infection.

It is here that Tommy has found refuge and, more importantly, peace. We see what life could be like for Joel and Ellie in this idyllic paradise, but as expected, it doesn’t last for long. Let’s delve into the episode and explore what happens.


Episode Six of the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us video games is a visual treat for its fans. The episode offers a detailed glimpse of Jackson, which, without delving too deep into the story, becomes the closest thing we get to a main setting. This is a significant departure from the first game in the series, The Last of Us Part I, where we only catch a brief glimpse of the town led by Maria.

In the series, Jackson is portrayed in all its glory, with bustling shops, a lively dining hall, children playing, and people who genuinely appear happy. This is a stark contrast to Joel and Ellie’s previous experiences, especially Ellie, who grew up in the militaristic Boston QZ.

The episode doesn’t provide much insight into the inner workings of Jackson, but it is a delightful surprise to experience the energy of the town so early in the series. Fans of the game will undoubtedly relish this episode.

In addition to whiskey, Jackson has one more surprise for Joel and Ellie – Tommy. Joel believed his brother was involved with the Fireflies, but he’s doing well in Jackson. Tommy plays an essential role in the town’s daily operations and has a dependable partner in Maria, with whom he is expecting a child.

The initial reunion between Joel and Tommy is heartwarming, as they embrace and catch up while Ellie enjoys a plate of food. However, as this is The Last of Us, the trouble is never too far away. At this point in the story, Joel cares deeply for Ellie and, being a practical man, he realizes that he is getting old while Tommy is younger.

With the finish line in sight, and their goal of delivering Ellie to a team of doctors working on a vaccine, Joel comes to a rational decision:

Tommy is the best person to ensure Ellie’s safety for the remainder of the journey. Joel meets with Tommy over drinks at a real bar to make his request, but their exchange doesn’t go as planned.

Both Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna, who portrays Tommy, deliver brilliant performances in the scene.

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