10 Fascinating Facts about Pornhub: The Largest Adult Website in America

January 25, 2023

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Pornhub was launched in 2007 and is now the largest adult website in the world. 

According to data from Pornhub, the United States is the largest source of traffic to the website, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

In 2022, Pornhub reported that the site received 45 billion visits and 6.93 billion hours of video were viewed on the site.

According to a 2020 study, the most popular search term on Pornhub in the US was "lesbian," followed by "step mom" and "milf."

Pornhub has a feature called "Pornhub Premieres," which is a feature that allows the site to premier new adult films on the site.

In 2019, Pornhub introduced a feature called "Pornhub for Women," which is a section of the site that features content that is more female-friendly.

In 2020, Pornhub introduced a feature called "Pornhub Cares," which is a section of the site that features educational content about sex, relationships, and sexual health.

In 2020, Pornhub removed millions of videos, most of which were unverified, as part of a new policy to combat illegal content.

In 2020, Pornhub also introduced a feature called "Pornhub VR," which allows users to watch adult videos in virtual reality.