10 Unique Uses for Condoms: From Water Storage to Shoe Stretching

Unique Uses by: Avanish Jaiswal

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Using condoms as a form of birth control and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, But condoms can have other uses as well. Here are ten potential alternative uses for condoms:

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Water storage

Condoms can be filled with water and used as a portable water container during vacations.


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First aid:

A small condom can be filled with water and used as a makeshift ice pack for minor injuries.

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A condom can be tied tightly around a limb to slow or stop bleeding in an emergency.

Emergency tourniquet:

Fire starter

A condom filled with petroleum jelly can be used as a fire starter in survival situations.

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Camera lens protector:

A condom can be stretched over the lens of a camera to protect it from scratches or water damage.

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 A condom can be placed over a phone to protect it from water or dust.

Phone protector:

Shoe stretch

A condom can be placed inside a tight shoe to stretch it out.

Key lube:

A small amount of lubricant from a condom can be used to lubricate a stubborn key or lock.

Packing material:

Condoms can be used to protect delicate items from breaking during transportation.

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A large condom can be filled with air and used as a makeshift flotation device or survival bag.

Survival bag:

Condoms should always be used for their primary purpose, which is to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs other are just alternatives .

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