Johnny Depp spent Rs 46 lakh on dinner as he shuts down Indian restaurant in UK, while celebrating his victory of Amber Heard trial Depp and Amber Heard's legal battle reaches a turning point

After winning the court trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit Johnny spotted celebrating with his friends.

Johnny Depp spotted dining at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham

What's so special about Johnny having dinner at a restaurant? 

Well, the most special part of the dinner was its bill amount, which came up to be $60,000 (around Rs 46.62 lakh).

Johnny snapped at an Indian Restaurant 

As per the restaurant's manager Depp came with around 20 of his friends and was "humble and down to earth" and spent time chatting.

Menu items of Depp's Rs 47 lakh dinner

The dinner had a variety of items, some of which were dry rice platters with appetisers such as chicken tikka masala, shish kebabs, king prawn starters.

Depp ordered the most expensive cocktail on the menu 

'The Jewel of Varanasi' the most expensive cocktail of the restaurant includes 500 Hennessy Paradis Imperial, Grand Marnier, Quail Egg Whites.

Restaurant made more money than their busiest nights

They made more money from Depp’s visit than we did from our busiest night of the week, which is a Saturday when they have around 400 diners.

Result of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Defamation trial

Johnny was awarded $15 million as he won the trial where he sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million claiming defamation.

Restaurant's reaction over Johnny's Urgent arrival

The manager expressed that he was shocked, and at first, thought it might be a joke. But then Depp's security team arrived, checked the restaurant,.

Johnny Depp having fun after being Victorious

Depp seemed to be having a really good time engaging with fans and diners at the Varanasi restaurant in Birmingham.