Realme Buds Air Pro all set to Launched in Market with active noise cancellation

Realme is one of the most growing companies in mobile phones, earbuds, earphones, and many other devices. The company has mid-range devices that have commendable specifications. The prices of the devices and the specifications go hand in hand with Realme. Recently according to a famous tipster, it is informed that the company is about to launch one of its amazing accesories for its consumers. This accessory is Realme Buds Air Pro Me. The earbuds are expected to be launched soon in the market. This is just the assumption that they could be the bumped up to version or they might be the toned down specifications. The device is also expected to be launched in India soon. According to the sources the company has been working on the successor of Buds Air and Buds Q truly wireless buds. Although according to the tipster no such important information could be revealed about the new earbuds by Realme. But there are few assumptions and expectations by the consumers about the upcoming devices in the market.

Realme Buds Air Pro

Realme Buds Air Pro Release Date

The company has not made an official statement about the launch of this device. Also, the tipster has not revealed anything so the price and specifications are a mystery for the time being. Although it is expected that soon some of the information could be revealed by the company or by some of the tipsters. But here is a glimpse of the expected specifications of the device

Realme Buds Air Pro Specifications Expected

  • The device could support wireless charging as the Air Buds Pro supports this feature so the upgraded version will also have one such feature.
  • They could be available with active noise cancellation
  • They could have some different looks as compared to the previous devices.
  • As Buds Air Pro did not found well by the users as the created a problem in the perfect fit. So this time the company might work on that.

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But if this Realme Buds Air Pro ME has amazing specifications we cannot expect the device to be cheaper. Although to be in the competition the company will keep the range in between like the other devices. We just have to wait to know the exact details about the devices.

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