‘Huge’ car dealer Billy Fuccillo dies in Florida at 64

Billy Fuccillo was an American automobile salesman and the proprietor of Fuccillo Automotive from 1957 until 2021. In New York as well as in Florida, the “It’s HUGE” Group runs 28 dealerships and also represents 15 brands. Billy Fuccillo Jr., his son, has a total of five dealerships, three in New York and two in Florida. Billy Sr. launched his dealership enterprise in Central New York, where he was noted for his signature television and radio commercials, in which he frequently stated that his offers were “HUUUUUGE.” Hundreds of dealerships across New York and Florida were recently sold by the Fuccillo Auto Group.

History of Billy Fuccillo

Fuccillo was born in Greenport, Suffolk County, New York, in 1957. He graduated from Syracuse University with a marketing degree in 1978. He worked at a variety of auto dealerships after graduation. In 1989, he set out on his own and opened his first dealership. Over time, the firm grew, and he acquired a large number of additional dealerships. Fuccillo Automotive Group presently has about 25 dealerships in New York and Florida, selling a variety of domestic and international brands. His characteristic line, “It’s HUGE!” appears repeatedly in his advertisements. He died away on June 18, 2021.












Health Condition leads to death of Billy Fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo, the philanthropist and renowned “large” auto salesman, died at the age of 64. Fuccillo passed away earlier this week at his residence in Florida after years of declining health.His wife, Cindy, and their son, Billy Jr., survive him.  . The funeral date is still to be determined.

In upstate New York and Florida, Fuccillo and his son possessed many dealerships. In January, five of their Syracuse and Rochester sites were sold to other dealerships.”It is with great sadness that we advise you of the passing of former member and friend, Billy Fuccillo,” the Syracuse Auto Dealers Association wrote in an email to members on Friday.

Fuccillo was also very well known for his humanitarian contributions to local charity. TV host Lisa Spitz tweeted on Friday,”Sad to hear of the passing of Billy Fuccillo who did a lot for the community”, She also said that On her programme on Christmas Eve in 2012, he contributed a large sum of money to a local food pantry.

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