Rare Atari 2600 game brings more than $10,000 to Texas Goodwill

Amongst the most valuable Atari 2600 videogames, Air Raid recently has earned more than $10,000 Goodwill stores in Dallas and the North Texas region. Air Raid is a third-party product that has been distinguished by its unusual T-shaped cartridge attachment. The videogame was discovered in a container of unordered discarded games and toys by Alex Juarez, a Goodwill e-commerce processor.

The game was published with the purpose to be scaled on a small basis with just 13 copies being released in the market according to some publications. According to Fort Worth Magazine, Alex Juarez, an e-commerce item processor at Goodwill North Central Texas in Fort Worth, discovered a rare copy of “Air Raid,” a game produced by Men-A-Vision for the Atari 2600 gaming system in 1982.

How ‘Air Raid Atari 2600’ Became a Collector’s Item

Air Raid has been auctioned by Goodwill North Central Texas on shopgoodwill.com/nct with a worth of $10,590.79 by selling the copy of the game. Although it was a very fascinating and thrilling game in 1980s, if one would go by today’s standard, the premise of “Air Raid” is said to be basic where the players can get an airship of the choice they want depending on the level and target their shoot at aliens that are supposed to invade the planet which is very similar to the old yet famous game Alien: Isolation.

However, since the game has been scaled with just 13 copies, due to its rarity the game has commanded with a very high price. According to Fort Worth Magazine, a full edition sold for $33,433.30 in 2012, while a prior cartridge-only copy went for $3,575 on eBay in 2011.

The Reason for the Atari 2600 “Air Raid” Auction

According to Goodwill, the proceeds from the June 17 sale will be used to “give day habilitation services” to an adult for a year. It may also be utilized to help 20 families who have been affected by the pandemic’s unemployment.

Another option might be the kids who would be given assistance. The non-profit organization, which was founded over 110 years ago, has always been eager to assist individuals in need. The organization is also eager to train and employ employees.

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