Sun. May 9th, 2021

Minecraft’s newest snapshot provides a glowing look at upcoming features in case and cliffs. As Mojang studios continues to work on their newest update to Minecraft they release snapshots. Small update packages that provide a preview of what is to come. In the newest one they have added a couple of features that will bring light to the caverns. specifically, the new snapshot/Beta test includes glowing lichen and glowing squids. These traditions already have applications that can be used in the current version of the game. As always there are also drawbacks that the snapshots can’t overcome on their own. However, those will be fixed once the update is finally released. Until then fans who choose to use snapshot numerous ways to apply features.


Minecrafts glowing lichen


the glowing lichen as the name implies is a glowing plan that can be found in the mine craft. At the moment it can only be found if a player has downloaded the latest snapshot. However, once the case in Cliff’s update it will spawn naturally across the game world. it creates a dim light source in the caves where it can be found. Players are currently able to harvest it using spheres for later use. In this case, the player can use a combination of the glowing lichen and bone marrow to create glowing bricks. Which are very useful for adding light sources to player buildings. Which provides the added benefit of keeping the buildings mob free.


Minecraft glowing squid


The most interesting addition to mine craft in this update snapshots is the glowing squid. which essentially looks like the standard squid from the game. However, this one is going and yields a type of ink that also shines. The shining can be used to write messages or designs that glow and can be seen from a distance. Additionally, the image can be applied to the border of any image in the game. the result is that ink will cause that image within to glow. This effect can be counter with the application of normal squid ink. the glowing squids at this time do not spawn naturally and have to be summoned into the game. Simply find a dark body of water dropping summoning aches and create the glowing squid. It’s also important to point out that other creatures introduced in previous snapshots will attack the squids on site. That being said this new snapshot provides a whole new avenue for creative expression in the world of Minecraft.

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