Lenovo IdeaPad 5G, IdeaPad 5i Pro Laptops Launched ahead of CES 2021

Lenovo has made way for CES 2021 with its new the IdeaPad 5G that is intended to from their homes. The Yoga AIO new across a turning show, close by IPS screens, Lavie Professional Lavie Little pocket-sized idea Lenovo Tab P11 tablet with a 2K presentation. Lenovo Amazon Alexa Show Mode Lenovo Savvy new highlights. … Read more

LG Display has announced the first Eyesafe-certified TV display for CES 2021

Electronic devices have strong display to showcase high definition qualities but this often is critiqued due to the damage it causes to the eyes. Especially during the pandemic lockdown worldwide, millions shifted their attention to screens for a medium of distraction but feared about the consequences on their eyesight. Although it is very difficult to … Read more