Motorola-branded Soon To Launch 4K Android TV dongle

With the advent of streaming wars, more companies have started releasing streaming devices. That’s not all, smart TVs have now become cheaper than ever before. In India, the country’s popular eCommerce platform Flipkart sells these sorts of products under three different brands namely MarQ, Nokia, and Motorola. Android television Guide, Flipkart may before long delivery … Read more

Motorola launched New home appliances in India – smart ACs, Refrigerators and Washing machines

Motorola is a brand celebrated for its high quality products. Motorola has a history to uphold. The Motorola we know today was initially named as Motorola Solutions. This company stemmed from the original brand name Motorola Inc (Former name Galvin Manufacturing Corporation which was public then). The other branch of this company was Motorola Mobility, … Read more